IT applications and solutions in partnership with

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • ITWorx, our important & sole IT partner for Kuwait (See profile attached)


Training, conferences and exhibitions

New Frontiers has established training courses for individuals, ministries, government bodies and corporate entities.  With over 18 years experience in developing and organizing top-level courses and conferences, and over 1200 courses all through these years, both in and out of Kuwait,  New Frontiers offers its valued clients access to the latest thinking and insights in to key issues in a variety of subjects.  The courses have been researched, designed and reviewed to ensure that our clients have wide range of training and development options in areas of specialization that are relevant to them in terms of business and market challenges.

We ensure participants on our courses have time to assimilate learning, and our high caliber instructors and quality materials provide a blend of practical and theoretical training techniques, which make learning not only relevant and beneficial, but also

stimulating and motivational.  We believe that our on-going growth into new areas of training and organizational effectiveness is because we listen to our clients.


New Frontiers vision is to build people’s Managerial, Banking, Financial, Engineering, IT and technical skills through quality training to support the success of their business.


New Frontiers has the following core areas of training:

  • Management
  • Banking, Investment, Financial & Accounting and Foreign Trade
  • Engineering
  • Oil Sector
  • Information Technology
  • HRD
  • General Business


Special courses, conferences and workshops in above areas are held inside and outside Kuwait through speakers and professors from American and European universities. We have Certified and experienced instructors. Attendees are supplied with original manuals and handouts.  Also, certificates of completion are awarded to attendees.